Presentation Training
with John O'Leary

Four main categories of presentation:

1. Business Presentation:

• Sales Presentations
• Speeches
• Public interface: Telesales, Public announcements, dealing with the media

2. Media Presentation:

• Acting
• Interviewing.
• Getting your message across when being interviewed
• Presenting to camera
• Live performance

3. Script Writing:

• The secrets of writing a presentation script that you can read aloud
• Structuring a speech to make it effective
• Taylor making your Presentation to each specific audience.

4. Performance Techniques:

• The three “P’s” (Pace, Pause, Pitch).
• Connecting with your audience during your Presentation
• Tips on suitable clothing to wear during your Presentation
• Using the technology- microphone, overhead projector, Powerpoint.

Our training courses WILL help you make your Presentations more effective.