Presentation Training
with John O'Leary
Have you ever watched a speaker at a conference, or and actor on stage, or an entertainer in a show, who has the audience hanging on every word they say? And have you ever wondered how that person has mastered the technique of Public Speaking, Performing or Presenting?

And have you ever thought “I wish I could do that.” Well, you can! We can train you to unleash your potential as a public speaker and performer, by introducing you to the few simple skills which will improve the impact you can make.

Whether it’s doing a voice-over for a television programme or corporate video, or delivering an important business presentation, or making a speech at wedding, our tutors can help you to make sure that what you want to say will be welcomed by those you wish to impress.

Public speaking in all its many forms, is a vital part of any successful business career, whether it involves addressing a staff meeting, or pitching to potential new clients, or convincing the members of the board to back your pet project, your chances of success will depend upon you being able to get your points across clearly, succinctly, and enjoyably.

There is nothing worse than watching a bad acting performance, or a stressed and perspiring corporate presenter. The normal reaction of those unlucky enough to witness such an event is to share the nervousness, and embrace the worry, and have a thoroughly awful time of it!

On the other hand, if you have been lucky enough to witness a superb speaker or performer wowing the socks off an audience, you’ll remember just how enjoyable an occasion that was, regardless of whether the subject matter or information was serious or light hearted.

We make one unqualified claim:
Our training systems work. If you follow our recommendations, and use the techniques we will show you, your performance and presentation skills WILL improve.